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Mord på ljusa dagen



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Blooms taxonomy questions about Forrest Gump

5 historical events in the movie


  • He ”taught” Elvis Presley his silly dance that Presley later uses when he is famous.
  • He won against the world champion in table-tennis and people told him that the world peace was at risk.
  • In the end Jenny is sick with a unknown virus which is probably AIDS or HIV.
  • Lieutenant Dan invests Forrest’s money (from shrimp-fishing) in Apple which means the first personal computer was made around that moment. Without his money it might not had been going so well for Apple and he would not have been so rich.
  • Many different people were shot because of political opinions, among others: President Nixon and John Lennon


Short summary of the movie 


Forrest is a boy who has a low IQ. Even though he becomes a bigshot when he grows up. But  the beginning years of his life gets a bit hard because of that, he still manages to get a friend, Jenny. He loves Jenny the whole time bot she don’t until the end.


Three examples of Forrest being at the right place at the right time


  • When Forrest and Dan are out shrimp-fishing a storms comes along and they end up right in the eye of the storm, that is why only their shrimping-boat is in one peace after the storm (all other boats are destroyed by the storm).
  • Forrest is visiting the capital and he stays at a hotel. At the middle of the night someone  is sneaking around in the house across the street and Forrest can’t sleep because of the torch-light. He contacts the hotel-reception and says that; They must have problem finding the switch, because they running around there searching for something! The people is actually searching for some secret documents. (Watergate scandal)
  • When Forrest is on his big run he meets a man who have bought a lot of t-shirts without any print. The man asks Forrest for help. A car drives by and Forrest gets mud al over him. The man offers him a yellow t-shirt to wipe his face of with because ”no one likes that colour anyway”. When Forrest gives the dirty t-shirt back a the dirt is in the shape of a smiley-face!


 Why do you think Forrest keeps on running all the time?


In the beginning of the movie he can’t run because of his ”leg-braces”, so when he finally is able to do it he enjoys it so much he decides to always do it. He might also decide it because Jenny tells him to run several times and since he loves her it might makes him think of her. And it might also be some kind of ”sad-management” since he starts running right after Jenny leaves him.



How do you think  Forrest should have done  to keep Jenny by his side? 


I do not think that he could do anything to get her to stay by his side, if he did he would be a whole different person and it would be a whole new movie. For example if Jenny would had stayed by his side the whole film Forrest would not do anything of the stuff he did in the movie. He wouldn’t gone to Vietnam because he wanted to stay home with Jenny and because of that he wouldn’t have met Bubba and Lieutenant Dan and there would have been no BubbaGump-shrimps. If there were no BubbaGump-shrimps he would not have been a millionaire and then Jenny might not had come back and stayed at his house. If Jenny didn’t stay at Forrest’s house she wouldn’t be able to walk away from him again and then he would not start running. It is when he is running that Jenny decided to send the letter to him. The letter is the whole reason why he travels to the city she lives in and sits on the bench waiting for the bus telling random people his life-story! It would simply not be a good movie, since nothing would happen!


But if this was real life he might should have been a bit more open with his feelings to her in the beginning of the movie. He could have asked her if she wanted to go travelling with him, because both of them travel a lot in the movie, then she might not had been so messed up in the end and she wouldn’t had died.


Why did the director of the film made a film like this?


The moral of the story might be that you do not have to be smart (as the outer world see you) to be successful. Forrest gets very successful because he is nice to everyone and he has luck on his side. It might be like karma, if you are nice to someone nice things will happen to you.


Flyg, papper flyg! Mitt företag

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Väldigt lätt läst och man ser verkligen att du brinner för de du gör. Du är noggrann med betalningen och hur de ska funka med tyvärr saknas det kontakt uppgifter. Annars rent allmänt så är affärsiden väldigt bra och unik. Kunde dock vara lite mer specifik när det gällde utgifterna och inkomsterna.


Good job! Verkligen en intressant och väl genomtänkt affärsidé. Man känner att det ligger mycket arbete och kärlek bakom. Det är en fin prisplan du har lagt upp, väl genomtänkt.

Det som skulle kunna bli lite bättre och tydligare är bla om det ska jobba fler personer på ditt företag. Dessutom skulle jag gärna se lite kontaktuppgifter. Det gör att det känns mer seriöst och genomarbetat.

Det är bra skrivet om pengarna, man förstår att du har räknat på det. Det är också lagom långt och man tappar aldrig intresset pastedGraphic.pdf


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This is Forrest, Forrest gump

Forrest Gump


His name is Forrest, Forrest Gump.  He lives in Greenbow Alabama which is a state in the  southeast of the US. Forrest is a clever man, not in the way we usually think a clever person is, in another way. He always knows what to say and he say it with a bit of poetry (even though he might not know it himself).”You know it’s funny what a young man recollects? ‘Cause I don’t remember bein’ born. I don’t recall what I got for my first Christmas and I don’t know when I went on my first outdoor picnic. But I do remember the first time I heard the sweetest voice in the wide world.”  The sweetest voice in the world  belongs to Jenny, Forrest’s first friend. Jenny is Forrest’s girl and she accepted him for who he was immediately. She looked through the fact that he looked weird with his ”leg-braces” , and that he is not the smartest person in the world. She will be his girl forever. And he will always love her.


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Flyg, papper flyg!

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